SUCTION-DX helps alleviate the itching and swelling that are caused by insects’bites, bee stings, WASP stings, snake bites etc.

You can reduce uncomfortable symptoms by sucking the venom/saliva which is the prime cause of itching and swelling from under the skin.

SUCTION-DX’s double chambered vacuum pump structure is well designed to provide powerful suction.
Unlike chemical creams and ointments that mask the problem, SUCTION-DX eliminates the cause of irritant.

SUCTION-DX. No! Special skills.

Cup 5 (6size)

SUCTION-DX. No! Chemicals.

Powerful Suction.

SUCTION-DX. No! Pains.

Hands free.


Kit includes 6 sizes of 5 cups for effective suction according to the size of bites and the bitten areas.

reversible cup.


The smallest cup is reversible.
The smallest caliber is suitable for bites on fingers or smaller skin surface areas.

Comes in a beautiful EVA pouch.



Step 1: Put the cup to the cylinder.

Step 2: Pull the piston handle and place the cup on the affected area.

Step 3: Fully push the piston handle down with one hand and wait for 60-90 minutes
Repeat this action several times or prolong the suction time according to the bite and sting.

*Please suck the venom for more than 3 minutes for Snake bites and WASP bites.

Step 4: Then, lift the piston handle and remove SUCTION-DX.

Wash away the venom with clean water and apply an adhesive plaster to the affected skin.

Don’t throw SUCTION-DX away after use as it is reusable.
Just wash the removable cups between uses.



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SUCTION-DX removes insect saliva/venom from just below the surface of the skin. The irritant caused by bug bites, stings, snake bites, and so on is sucked by pumping. Then the body stops producing the reaction that causes uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, swelling, and pain.

Mosquitoes, Bees, Wasps, Ants, Snakes, and other biting insects.
If you are having a severe reaction, seek a doctor’s diagnosis as soon as possible.

Please use SUCTION-DX as soon as possible after bite or sting.
The longer the irritant stays,the more the reaction develops.

You feel almost no pain.

No, it is reusable.
We can use it repeatedly.
Wash the cup only after use.

The inside of cylinder of SUCTION-DX is cautiously greased to avoid air leakage and keep a smooth movement of rubber packing.
When it gets wet, the suction power may be reduced.

In most cases, we can not see the substances as the amount of saliva and venom of insects are very small amount.
However, you can feel the tool working as the itching, swelling and discomfort will start to disappear while you are using it.
You could see more expelled venom of ants, bees, wasps, etc than mosquito’s.

Of course, YES. NO ingredients are contained.
So it is safe for everyone to use.
But,red mark may remain for children and people with sensitive skin as.
their skin is thinner.

Please use SUCTION-DX for children under adult supervision as it contains small parts.

If your skin is more sensitive, the mark may remain for several days.
We also recommend you not to use SUCTION-DX on your face and neck as the skin of these areas is thinner than other areas for most people.
Please shorten the time of suction and try to check your skin for the first use.

Even if you can not see the removed venom or saliva, you could feel the itching and swelling dissipated earlier.

Firstly, try it with your palm if SUCTION-DX works properly.

If you use SUCTION-DX over body hair, wet the area and suck it.

Please select the cup according to the area and size of bites and stings.

No. This is a manually operated tool that does not require batteries.

Basically, yes.
But, it is less effective in muscle area such as calf muscle.
Venom enters more quickly the circulatory system than under the skin.
It’s effectiveness varies where the bite/sting is or how deep it is.
Please always seek a doctor’s diagnosis as soon as possible.

And we also recommend you not to use SUCTION-DX on your face and neck as the skin of these areas is thinner than other areas for most people.
Red mark may remain for several days.